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 Application for Mod (JoeTheGrouchs)

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PostSubject: Application for Mod (JoeTheGrouchs)   Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:20 pm

Subject: JoeTheGrouch's Applicattion Today at 4:19 pm
Write about your self.
How will you do your job.
How helpful can you be.
How long are you online.
And more. Use common sense.

Seems legit ^^ Smile

Hi, I'm Joe IGN JoeTheGrouch and I'm here to apply for Pre-Mod! Hope you accept me! I quit another server a while back because of the amounts of lag. Yes every server has lag at times but that was terrible! Anyways like mario says " HERE WE GO "

As a staff member of this community I will do my job 10x as good as others! I will not abuse powers, break rules or anything bad! Yeah, I have been banned once or twice but I'm not a nasty/annoying guy. I'm really helpful as you might know already Smile

Rating out of 10 on how helpful I am is about 9 because no ones perfect ;] I can help with jobs you dont need to do and things admins dont need to do! I can do your jobs for you, How about that! Smile

I would come online from 11Am - 12Pm!!! I Really enjoy playing sooo!

I really like this server and if I dont get accepted I dont care, I will still play and be like a staff member! Anyways thanks for reading this! Baiiii! ^_^

Sorry it was so short, Thanks

Hope to see you sooooooon!
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Application for Mod (JoeTheGrouchs)
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